Post Sakuracon & NEWS

Happy! Project was in Seattle, WA this past weekend attending Berryz Kobou’s 1st USA event at Sakuracon. The girl’s had a blast attending this historic event. They also got a chance to perform for a 2nd time in front of Japanese and American fans at Hello! Party 2. We would like to thank Hello! Ranking’s Jennifer & Bryan for once again giving us this great opportunity.  We would also like to thank all fans, especially the Japanese ones for helping make the Berryz Koubou fan events and lines run smoothly.

The girl’s were able to meet Berryz Koubou and even got their picture taken and twittered by their management staff in the costumes they made to commemorate this event!  We are very excited and honored to have UFA management acknowledge us in that manner.

Thank you everyone for your support with our performance and making this a great experience! It was nice to see old friends and meet new friends at this event! We hope to see you all soon!

In other news, Happy! Project will be performing next month at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX on May 27-29. They will be performing a full length concert there and will also have a table with merchandise available to purchase! So come out and support us at this event! We will let you know the details of this performance as the event gets closer. No separate ticket needs to be purchased for this event, just a convention badge.

They will also be at SELECT Comic Palooza performances at the Neko Neko Maid Cafe and Host Club. We will also be announcing what performances we will be performing at as the event gets closer! This event does have an extra fee aside from the convention badge so please be aware of that. You can buy pre-sale tickets for Comicpalooza at the Neko Neko Website.

Please stay tuned to more upcoming performance news and updates!


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