Happy! Project Debut Single

Everyone, we have some exciting news!  Happy! Project has been presented with the opportunity to release our own original Japanese Pop music!  Yesterday, we met with a producer and music composer.  We had the chance to visit the recording studio, had a small recording session, and even listened to several demos of possible new songs. There was even the mention of the possibility of marketing our CD in Japan!

However, we can only make this happen with your support.  Happy! Project has been completely funded by the members in the past.  All of the girls have put everything that they have, up until now, into the group for travel, rehearsals, equipment, and costumes, among other costs.  Although this is a fantastic opportunity, the group’s funds are not able to support this on it’s own.

This is where our wonderful friends and fans come in.  If you would like to help us achieve our dream of releasing our own single, we would be extremely grateful.  People who donate $50 or more will receive a special thank you with their name printed on the inside cover of our CD jacket.  Donations of $100 or more will receive a special thank you with their name printed on the inside cover of our CD jacket and a special gift.

Believe us when we say that this was an extremely difficult post to write.  Happy! Project as group has always prided ourselves on being self-funded and not ever asking for help from others.  It’s difficult for us.  However, this is so extremely important to us that we felt it was time to open up to those of you out there who  understand what we hope to accomplish!

Please remember that this is not a fast process.  The music will take awhile to be completed, then the lyrics will be arriving from Japan, a long time spent in the recording studio, the entire mixing process, and then getting the printing and details completed.  This process may take up to 6 months.
Please donate! You can donate through paypal below, or if you prefer you can send donations to our P.O. Box

Happy! Project
P.O. Box 891885
Oklahoma City, OK 73189-1885

Any contribution small or big will help us. Only with your support are we able to make our dreams come true!

PAY PAL LINK :    CLICK Or Copy and paste in to your browser!

8 Responses to Happy! Project Debut Single

  1. Claire says:

    GOOD LUCK. Although I won’t be able to donate straight away, I may be able to next month. You girls REALLY deserve it, and have worked bloody hard.

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  3. Alyssa says:

    good luck Happy!Project,

    i wish everyone best wishes and good luck. my wish when i grow older is to be like you girls. you guys worked RE

  4. Alyssa says:

    good luck Happy!Project, \(^v^)/

    i wish u girls best wished and good luck. when i grow up i wish to be just like u girls.

  5. Natalie Brown says:

    I think you guys are honest but the promoter should never charge you to make a demo…

    • happyproject says:

      Hi Natalie!

      Thank you for your comment!

      We are still indie. We are not signed by a record company. Therefore because we have not been contracted by any label or even by the producer, we have to cover all costs on our own.

      The money we have to pay is money to license the song, for the rights to perform and sell the single. Also it is the cost to record the single in the recording studio along with mixing it. We also have to pay for production costs of the single, including the printing of CD jackets and everything else. It gets to be very expensive. The producer is doing us a great favor by helping us with the music and also the lyrics of the song. Also with his connections in Japan so that we can market this single.

      When we get signed by a record label that is when we won’t have to pay this cost, this is strictly because we are an independent group, and unsigned by any label. You can talk to any band or look at any recording studio website, indie bands and groups always go into the studio to record their work, and they unfortunately (because it is expensive if you want to release something quality wise) have to cover all costs in order to do so.

      I hope that clears things up!

      Leader, Happy! Project

  6. Alyssa says:

    dear Happy!project,

    i wish everyone best wishes and good luck. my wish when i grow older is to be like you girls.

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