Acting Appearances

We have a few announcements to make!


Melissa will be resuming her role as Neolani Mermaid in FoxMoon Production’s Mermaid Cove performance at the Norman Medieval Fair this weekend Friday April 1 through Sunday April 3rd. This event is located in Norman, Oklahoma. Come visit Melissa as Neolani Mermaid and have your picture taken with her!

At the same event, Tara will be performing with the stage combat troupe ‘ The Redland Rogues’. She will be fighting with swords and other various weapons. It is a performance based on the Scottish version of Cinderella, so be sure to check it out! There will be multiple showings of the performance every day during the April 1st – April 3rd duration of Norman Medieval Fair.

If you’re in the area, we’d love to meet you! The event is completely free! If you’d like more information on other events, check out the website here! Come and check it out and say hi!


Melissa will also be appearing in a ‘Special K’ Cereal Advertisement! We are keeping an eye open for the ad, when we find it we will be posting it on the webpage for sure. Be sure to watch for it!


As all the girls are active in many other projects relating to theatre, music, performing, modeling and commercial work- we will be updating with the many places you can see each girl perform individually throughout the year! Keep an eye and ear open for more news!


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