2011 Tour Name & News

February 19, 2011

Happy! Project is excited to announce that this year’s tour name will be ”キラ☆キラ!ハッピー星” ”Kira☆Kira! Happy Hoshi” (Sparkling! Happy Stars)

Our first stop this year will be in Seattle, WA. Happy! Project will be performing at Hello! Party 2 in honor of Berry Koubou’s attendance at Sakuracon. The event will take place on Saturday, April 23 from 8 to 11 pm . We will be closing the party up before the dancing begins. For more information on this event please visit http://party.hello-ranking.com/2011/

Other Tour dates and locations are in negotiations at the moment and will be announced as soon as that information becomes available to us. So please look forward to more tour announcements.

We’d also like to wish a Happy Birthday to our youngest and newest member, Morgan. February 19 is Morgan’s birthday and also the day that she first joined Happy! Project. So congratulations on her birthday as well as her 1st year anniversary as a Happy! Project member.