SoniCon Special Announcement!

We have exciting news!

The Happy! Project girls will be performing a concert live at SoniCon!

SoniCon is a convention in Plano, Texas- just north of Dallas. The convention runs November 5th-7th.

The girls will be present all weekend and will have a promotional booth! The booth will carry all sorts of goodies to look at, and merchandise to purchase! It’ll be a perfect opportunity for you to purchase a t-shirt, or photo set!

This is our second full concert live, of the ‘Sakura no Yume’ Tour! All the girls truly hope that they will see you there! They’re really looking forward to putting on a great show!

There are many fantastic events going on at this convention, so we hope that you’ll check it out!

For more information on SoniCon click here!


2 Responses to SoniCon Special Announcement!

  1. Ronan (Sai) says:

    Yes hello, I was wondering about how you go perform? I’m a fan of anime, games, and manga, and was hopin to get more information from your band style and merchandise. I would really love to meet you as you appreciate meeting more admiring fans, it be a honor to see you live in concert do as the details of this covention goes. My email is tagged formally and name id specific

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