Animeland Wasabi Concert

We have a very exciting announcement to make!

The first weekend in March, Happy!Project will be performing at Animeland Wasabi, an event held in Denver, Colorado.

While all the girls are extremely excited about traveling to Denver, we are also very grateful and honored to be invited as guest performers by Animeland Wasabi.

MOMO, a subunit of Happy!Project consisting of Melissa, Kristy and Tara will be performing a great variety of Japanese pop songs made popular by the Japanese pop sensation Buono featured in the anime Shugo Chara. Happy!Project’s first official live, will be entirely live singing.

During our 45 minute concert, we will also be making a new member announcement. Our newest addition to Happy!Project will join us on stage for our two final numbers.

From what we are aware of, we will be performing before the J-rock group Toy-Box. From what we’ve heard, they are extremely talented and we look forward to performing on the same stage as them.

We ask that you please support both us in making our first live concert a smashing success! We really could not have done it without you, our blog viewers, our youtube viewers, and our casual followers!

Hopefully, we’ll see you guys in Denver!!!


One Response to Animeland Wasabi Concert

  1. Nyu-chan says:

    Yay! That’s so exciting! The band Toy-box is actually from my town and they are very popular here in Arizona. I hope Happy!Pro will be more well known than them someday. Good luck, girls!

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