Pocket Weekly #26

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Who in the group is always on time? And likewise, who is always late?

Tara is probably the one who have been the best about getting to things on time. As for who is always late Oh man… I try so hard to be on time!! Somehow, there are always circumstance that make me late, looking at your Heather and Kristy! I think I just have very bad luck! It’s not my fault, right?

I’m not always early or on time.. so I would guess always late. I’m always late for classes and usually have to run from one side to the other to make it. I’m notorious for being late even though i usually try hard!

I think that most of us in the group tend to run late. I know when I get together with the other girls, we’re usually behind schedule. Also, when we’re on our way to each other’s houses we almost always are an hour (or more) behind! It’s like we run on Happy! Time instead of real time. ^_^

LOL. UH!!!!
Early- not so sure. D:
Late- ALL OF US. But mostly me and Hapichan. ^^;;

I’m notorious for being WAY early! (talking hours early! LOL)

I’m not sure.


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