Izumicon Update & Pocket Weekly #24

We have a very exciting update concerning Izumicon in Oklahoma City, OK. Happy!Project will be having a mini-concert! The show will run about 30 minutes in length. The girls are very excited about the show and have already begun preparation for this exciting event. We hope that you all will be able to check it out! The set list, along with a few other announcements will be made as the event draws closer!

The girls will also be very involved at other events at the convention! Many of the girls will be working as actresses and performers at Fruits Basket and Ouren High School Host Club tea parties. The girls will be playing the part of different characters. We are greatful to be offered to be a part in these events, and excited to expand our talents as a group.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to catch the girls as a number of different panels that they will be hosting! Details will be given later on. There will be plenty of opporunities to show your support and come visit us! We hope to see you there!

Now without further ado, number 24 in our pocket weekly series! Remember, if you would like to have your question answered, simply post your question as a comment on this post, or send us an email at happyprojectlove@gmail.com !! We look forward to hearing from you!!

Let’s pack a Bento-Box Lunch!! What are you packing in it?

Tonkatsu, Rice and all kind of fruits and vegetables!! I don’t like fish, so really anything beside fish is okay with me!! I’d pack peppermint green tea to drink~ Yay!

Strawberries and Cherries! I would also want Hello Kitty Shaped Rice Balls. Eel over rice and some green tea too!

Rice, mini sandwiches of different kinds, boiled egg, fruit/veggies, and green tea. I’d love to add some sushi, but it would depend on how long it would be before I would eat it.

Hmm! I would have to say- 3 pieces of unagi sushi rolls, some fresh fruits: strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple! Along with some chicken teriyaki and a small bottle of ramune or juice for a drink!

hmm thats a toughie! Probablly something like chicken teriyaki and tempura and of course some yummy onigiri too! With Mochi Ice Cream and Ramune on the side! YUM! LOL sounds REAL healthy now doesn’t it?!  NOT!!!

If it was strictly Japanese, There would be around four mini sushi’s (three teriyaki, one tuna) a whole heap of rice, two soya source packets in case I need them, and Sweet Noodles ;D (plus Rose Water on the side for drinking~)


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