Pocket Weekly #23 & Auditions

As many of you noticed, we have opened up auditions! Auditions will continue until the end of the year. Requirements are listed under the Auditions tab. Applications can be retrieved by emailing us at happyprojectlove@gmail.com . Check out the tab and fill out an application! We’re looking forward to it!

Without any other news, I bring you this weeks pocket weekly.

Is there anything special you do in order to pump yourself up before going on stage for a performance?

I imagine how previous performances have gone, and the crowd cheering us on. If the crowd is energetic, I feel their energy and perform even better! So imagining that, and the feeling of a successful performance gets me pumped up and ready to go! Also, before performing, we always say a mini-cheer before going on stage- It unites us together and pumps us all up, and I’m always comforted knowing that they’ll be with me no matter what happens on stage. I love performing, so I’m always excited before a show~!

I’m always nervous that im going to forget something so I run the whole thing through my mind, weather it’s dancing movements or lyrics. Then I tell myself I have done my best, whatever happens I couldn’t have done prepared for it any more, So just go out and do it with your best!

Remind myself to smile, give it all I’ve got, and just have fun!

I sometimes get nervous before getting on stage, so I try tuning everything out to calm myself down.

I always say a calming prayer and usually have my lucky trinket and a photo of my bff with me too and I either put them in my sock right before we go out on stage. Rituals from growing up in performance…it always gave me the strength to perform my best

Unfortunately, in Australia, we rarely have Performance Cons (unless it’s for Cosplay), but I do remember the feeling before a Drama Performance! I was super nervous in the beginning and I was so paranoid about forgetting lines, but then I was quietly joking with a friend, definitely made me feel a lot more relaxed. Jumping up and down really helped too XDDD SHAKE OUT ALL THAT NERVOUSNESS.


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