Graduation & News!

First off, we’re very happy to announce that we have a picture featured in FLASH magazine!

We were really, really excited to hear this news! Thank you to everyone who emailed us and left comments telling us about it!

We also have some sad news for you all. After our Anime-Expo performance, Nyuchan announced she will be graduating from the group. She will be continuing her studies in order to become a teacher. Even though all the girls are sad that she will be leaving the group, they are all comforted by the fact that their friendship will continue, no matter the distance between them.

It was a very hard and hesitant decision to graduate from Happy!Project. I have really enjoyed the time with the other members and performing as a group. They all work so hard and I admire their talent and dedication! However, with life as crazy at it is, and being so far away from everyone, I don’t feel like I can give enough attention to Happy!Pro. We achieved one dream of seeing Morning Musume and Tsunku in person – maybe the rest of our dreams aren’t so far away! I wish the current members good luck with Happy!Project in the future!

When I first heard about your graduation, I was really sad. But it made me remember back to all the great time we had working and goofing off together. We had so much fun during rehearsals and just hanging out, going to iHop after performances and you sticking your face into the hot chocolate. I will always look back on these memories with a smile. You always brought laughter and fun to rehearsals, even though you still worked hard. Even though you’re graduating Happy!Project, I know we’ll always be friends. Putting forth the same energy you put towards performances, I know you will be able to achieve anything you heart desires. I’ll always cherish the times we’ve had together.  You’re going to be missed for sure! Congratulations on your graduation!

When I first read that you were graduating, I couldn’t help but be sad and tear up a bit. We have shared so many good random moments during practices and being in the group. I was sad because I thought that we were losing a good friend but I realize now that we’re not losing you as a friend. All the memories we have all shared together with you have been good and that will not change the friendships we have all made. One of the first thoughts that came to mind was “Who is going to want donuts with me now during rehearsals?” I guess I was being selfish in my thoughts. I’m sorry for that. I want you to know that I will miss you being in our group but that I understand your wishes. You have brought so much joy and commitment to our group that I know that whatever comes next that you will bring that same joy and commitment to it. Please don’t forget us your Happy! Project friends. You will be missed in our group but I hope to continue being friends. I will miss your dedication to this group and I know that you were so committed even though you were pretty far from us.I admire that and thank you for that. You have shown all of us something new whether it’s been in costuming or randomness like David Hasselholf’s bad videos. Please continue being your energetic self! I wish you luck in the future. Congratulations on your graduation!


You were the first friend I made in the cosplay world and to top it off, in my home state! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and helped me with throughout the past few year. You helped me make my first cosplay costume by giving me tips and advice, introduced me to JPop and Hello-Project, competed with me in my first cosplay contest, and even introduced me to Happy!Project. You always made getting together interesting, with your crazy antics and camera skills! I hope that we can continue to cosplay together when our schedules let us. (We make an AWESOME W!) I truly appreciate everything you’ve done and your friendship!

When I was first informed that you were graduating, the first thought that came to mind was “My twinny twin is leaving me?”. I was irritated at the thought that one of the only people in the group that’s just like me, and can make me laugh like no other, will be leaving Happy!Pro. What will I do with all the mass amounts of female estrogine pumping through the other girls?! You know I cant handle it alone! Just kidding, I’ll manage. But it will be sad knowing that you are leaving us. I know you’ll never forget us, and that goes for those in Happy!Pro as well. We could never forget our Nyuchan. I know you’ll succeed in all that you wish to accomplish in life. You have always put forth 110 percent when it came to this group, and I know that we all appreciate everything you’ve done for this group and for us. Continue to strive in what you want the most and be happy in life. We will forever be behind you, cheering you on the whole way. Congrats!


You have been an inspiration from the moment I started with HappyPro. From your cosplay abilities to your dedication to HappyPro and now that I am a member, I feel like I never got a chance to get to know you as a dancer and as a group member in person! I wish you all the best in everything you persue and don’t be a stranger! I just hope that I can be half the performer that you are! :) Much Love!

God Speed Nyuu-Chan

To Nyuchan,
Although we haven’t really interacted, I’ve always admired your ability to make costumes! “Fantastic O__O” I thought!
I really appreciate your Cosplay Advice and I really hope I get to be as good as you one day ❤
I wish you GOOD WILL as you continue in life~ =D
Love, Mikoto/Caitlin


One Response to Graduation & News!

  1. Pixie Risa says:

    Nyuchan: Congrats on your graduation! It was awesome getting to meet you at AX and honestly, when I saw you dance to Okashi dressed as Aibon on youtube, that got me hooked onto H!P cosplay. Yeah it’s sad that you’re leaving, but I know you’re going to awesome in your future. 🙂

    Like Reina says, GambaReina! lol
    ~ Pixie*Risa :3

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