Pocket Weekly #22 & AX Report

The girls have all arrived safely from Los Angeles.They are tired from the strenuous schedule but extremely happy with everything they accomplished.

Unfortunately, the girls had to cancel the Pop Shock masquerade due to schedule conflicts, but performed with full energy at Hello!Party hosted by Hello!Ranking. We had a great response and had a lot of fun! We were so happy to meet with so many great online friends like pixierisa & majikuruMaChan2 & Paul Thomas at Hello!Blog just to name a few! We met so many great people at Anime-Expo and at Hello!Party, we feel so fortunate to have been able to meet you all! We hope that we will once again have the opporunity to again.

We performed a Morning Musume Medley composed of Love Machine, Renai Revolution 21 and 3, 2, 1 Breakin’ Out! Followed by a crowd favorite C/C (Cinderella Complex).

Please be sure to check out the videos from the dance performance as recorded by whatrhymeswithgaijin. Thank you so much for recording this!

We also collaborated on Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? with Sekai no Melody! We thank them for allowing us to collaborate with them on this! We had so much fun. We will be releasing a collaboration celebration single release, so please look forward to it! I will hopefully have video of our collaboration soon.

We have lots more news up and coming! Keep your eyes and ear open!

Please be sure to rate the video! šŸ˜€

Now, without further ado, we bring you this weeks pocket weekly! Remember, if you’d like to be featured on the blog and have your question answered simply leave a comment below, or send us an email at happyprojectlove@gmail.com !!! We look forward to hearing from you!

What song got you into Hello!Project?

The first Hello!Project song I heard was in middle school, when I was at a sleep over, my friend had a CD with Maki Goto’s Ai no Bakayarou on it, and I was addicted to it! It was a gradual process for me, but that was the first song I heard!

Mini Moni Bus Guide

It’s all Nyuchan’s fault, really. The first time I met her she was dressed as Kago in an adorable Mini Moni outfit. Of course, I had no idea who Kago or Mini Moni was at the time. We were at a small cosplay gathering, which was my first ever cosplay event so I was really rather lost. During the cosplay contest, Nyuchan taught a little bit of a dance to one of the Mini Moni songs. I thought it was a cute song, had fun dancing, and I loved her outfit, so I asked about it. Not long after, she’d put together a few CDs for me with Mini Moni, W, and several of the other H!P groups and we started planning my first H!P cosplay as W!

I loved Biyuuden’s songs, they were the ones that got me into Hello! Project, but now I love HANGRY & ANGRY!!

One of my friends sent me the PV for Mini Moni’s Telephone Ring Ring Ring. I thought it was the most cracked up thing ever! But the more I watched it, the more I loved it!! Somehow, I got my hands on more Mini Moni and was in love! I think I got into Berryz shortly after, and later C-ute, but didn’t because a big Momusu fan until later.

I think it probably was Buono Gachinko. I’m only a recent H!P-aholic since last year! I can blame all of you guys for being so darn cute on stage and getting me involved!!!!!

Admittedly, Massara Blue Jeans. Back then I didn’t realize what H!P was, so when I saw this on youtube I thought “.. ew!” and friends and I made fun of it… sooner or later we thought “hey.. let’s learn the dance” and the next thing before I knew it, I became a H!P fan XDD


One Response to Pocket Weekly #22 & AX Report

  1. Gemma says:

    You done a great job!
    and guess what?
    Your photo is in a japanese magazine :O


    wow xD

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