Pocket Weekly #21 & AX News

We have some news regarding one of our performances at Anime Expo. The schedule for Anime Expo was recently released and the Pop Shock masquarade is currently overlapping with the Morning Musume concert, and if moved may possibly overlap with Hello!Party.

The girls have decided that the Morning Musume concert and Hello!Party will be taking priority in events. If the Pop Shock is moved to a time that does not overlap with any of these events, plans to compete within the Pop Shock masquarade will continue as planned. We are extremely sorry that things have turned out this way, and the group will try to figure things out in order to perform at all three events. We will be keeping an eye and ear open about schedule changes and will alert you as soon as we have more information.

Now for this weeks question! This question was sent to us from Pixie Risa!  The girls are looking forward to seeing you at Anime Expo!

If you would like your question featured on the blog, you can leave your question with a name and a link to your blog on the comments section, or you can email us at happyprojectlove@gmail.com . We can’t wait to hear from you!

Pixie Risa asks…

“Hey guys, what’s one Hello!Project costume you would absolutely LOVE to make/wear?”

My dream costume is the white outfit from Koharu Kusumi’s “Hapi Hapi Sunday!” It’s so cute! And it has wings!!! But, I would also love to make Reina’s step-sister outfit from the Cinderella musical! I think it would be fun to play that part, and the dress is so fun!!

I would like to make Miki Fujimoto’s Boogie Train, it’s just so poofy!

I’m really excited because out of my 3 current favorite Hello! Project costumes, we’re getting to do 2 of them at Anime Expo! My other favorite is Otomegumi’s black and white concert costumes. They have so much personality and character to them.

I know they’re kind of funny, but I really like Ongaku Gata’s colorful outfits . I think they are very unique and colorful!

My dream costume from Hello!Project is Ai Takahashi’s Prince Sapphire costume from the Ribbon no Kishi musical!! Have you ever seen such a stylish prince?

I just recently fell in love with Milky Way and absolutely ADORE Tan tan tan! The outfits remind me so much of Rainbow Brite! Makes me happy and all warm inside!! Seriously considering learning it! Its so cuuuute!

The costume I really like the most, would have to be this Buono Outfit they performed live in. I like the material and colours they used; and even though I know I won’t be able to make something like that, I’d like to try it out anyway ❤ It’s a very… attitud-ish costume XD


2 Responses to Pocket Weekly #21 & AX News

  1. Gemma says:

    Ooh have you heard the latest?
    Yossie (Hangry) will be attending anime expo too!
    You guys are so lucky xD

  2. Miri says:

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say that it was a blast performing with y’all at Hello! Party. I just rewatched our collab on UStream (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1750994) and it sounds pretty awesome! I also got a chance to watch your performance during the intermission and it’s looking awesome!

    Did you still want to do the collaboration single? =)

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