Pocket Weekly #16 & Announcement

Anime Expo has recently announced that Tsunku, producer of Morning Musume will be a guest judge for the Anime Idol Competition. The winner of this competition will win fabulous prizes, but most of all they will have the opportunity to sing in front of Tsunku! Of course, this is a dream for all of the Happy! Project girls, so we’re happy to announce that many of the Happy! Project girls will be auditioning for a chance to be a contestent in the highly coveted Anime Expo Idol! We ask you to please support the girls who will be going to audition! All of them are very excited and even without winning would be happy to have the honor to perform in front of mega-producer Tsunku!

Now for this weeks pocket weekly! This question comes all the way from England! From our friend Gemma!  You can visit her homepage here!

If you would like your question to be featured on the Happy!Project blog you can leave us a question on a comment below, or you can send us an email at happyprojectlove@gmail.com !! We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you had the choice to either be a soloist or in a group, which would you choose and why?

I love being in the spotlight, and I think would be fun to be a soloist, but I think would be even more fun to work in a group. Through experience with all the Happy!Project girls, we have disputes and arguments some times, but I’ve become to close them, so they are like my sisters! I love them, and I love working with them, and I know I can always depend and trust them. So, I think working in a group is better!

I like working in a group, you may have to share lines and the spotlight but the work that you put in it as a group is what makes it worth while. Theres alot of fun in practices and performing in a group that def. beats out being a soloist at times.

I would much prefer to be in a group than solo. I wouldn’t mind the occasional solo songs or duets, like they get in the concerts, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be a complete solo act. As a soloist, all the attention and pressure is on you alone. Rehearsals are alone. Everything is alone. With a group, you get people to perform with, people to work and help each other out, you make friends and share bonds over things that I think soloist miss out on. Having other people, even if it’s just ONE other person, gives you someone to play off of when performing, someone to share your experiences with, have fun with, and to help each other out. I far prefer being with others than being on my own.

I think a group is more fun!

Group all the way! Practicing and performing as a group is much more fun! Besides, I don’t think my vocals are not strong enough to carry as a soloist…

Hmmmm thats a difficult one! On one hand a soloist would be awesome because you get all the fangirls and boys…and you’re independant…but I think my answer would have to be group just because of the bonds you make with your bandmates. You rely on each other for support, the harmonies that i’ve heard with groups you just cannot do with a single voice…and its about friendship!! Thats the most important thing!!!

I would definitely choose a group. I don’t like thinking about the pressure that is focused just on you. With a group, you’re not alone and it would be more fun. That’s what I think anyway XD


One Response to Pocket Weekly #16 & Announcement

  1. Gemma says:

    Yeah, i would prefer a group too 🙂

    And You are all so lucky to be able to perform infront of Tsunku AND possibly meeting Morning musume!!!! :O
    I’m so jelous xD

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