Happy!Project Pocket Weekly #10 & News

We are 2 weeks away from Happy!Project mini-concert at Hana*con in Tulsa, Oklahoma! We hope that you all will try to come support us at our first event of the year!! We will also be sporting the new tour T-shirt! We will have order forms up soon for those of you who wish to purchase a t-shirt! Please keep your eyes and ears open for news!

If you missed the announcement, we have 2 new girls on this weeks Pocket Weekly! New member Lauren and returning member Heather! We are very happy to have them both. We hope that you will give them your full support.

Without further ado we have this week’s Pocket Weekly!! Remember, if you’d like to have your question featured on the blog, please leave a comment on the blog, or send your question to happyprojectlove@gmail.com!!

Which T.V. Shows or Dramas are you currently watching?

At the moment, I’m watching Takahashi Ai’s drama Q.E.D., I really like it!!! It’s so addicting! But I also recently watched a Chinese Drama called “See you in Youtube”, which was surprising, and also really good!

I just finished watching the Korean “Love Marriage”, it was pretty good and the ending was really sweet. Other than that I started Q.E.D. which has been so far pretty interesting to watch plus it has my favorite momusu member Ai-chan =D

I’m watching Takahashi Ai’s Q.E.D. as well as the Korean Golden Bride and The Legend of the Brown Sugar Chivalries.

I don’t have anything for this weeks, sorry. >.<

I finished the korean drama 200 pounds of beauty. I recently watched one titled Zebra Man, which was REALLY weird!

I have a list, although none of them encompass anything asian culture. Mostly American Idol or NCIS. My two weeknessess, americans who think they can sing, and science! I think I’m in love love!

I just finished the Drama- “Hana Kimi,” it is the best. And I had found my love, Ikuta Toma (also known as Nakatsu in the drama) <33


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