Happy!Project Pocket Weekly #9 & Hana*con news

Happy!Project subunit MOMO is excited to be performing as a guest at Hana*con. The event will take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 7th, 2009. The girls of MOMO will be performing a miniconcert consisting of 4 songs. We hope that you will come support Happy!Project at their first official performance of the year!

Without further ado we have this week’s Pocket Weekly!! Remember, if you’d like to have your question featured on the blog, please leave a commet on the blog, or send your question to happyprojectlove@gmail.com!!

Out of all the monsters in movies, books and other entertainment- Which one scares you the most?

A lot of people tease me about it, but I’m terrified of Aliens- little green men, the big gray ones, you name it. I’m not sure why, but that’s the one thing that scares me!! If anyone has seen the movie Signs, I closed my eyes through half of it, and then screamed through the other half.

Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre has always scared me! I hate the sound of a chainsaw because it reminds me of it. I think the thing is that it’s based on an actual story of a killer and it was in Texas

I grew up with Star Trek and Star Wars, so I like thinking all aliens are fairly nice and can be reasoned with. And if they’re problematic, then Picard will figure out what to do to save the day, or Hans will blow them up. ^_^

I don’t really go for scary movies or books. I have an overactive imagination as it is and am really good at scaring myself over nothing. I think the monsters or such that scare me the most are the ones that you can’t see or are intent on hurting the people in the movies. Some monsters may seem scary if you were to stumble across them in the dark alone and all. Even Chewbacca, Bigfoot, ghosts and the like would be scary at first, but when you get to know them you discover that Chewbacca is a big teddy bear, Harry from Harry and the Hendersons is really nice, and Casper and the Captain from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir are all very friendly and helpful and even loving.

One that really terrifies me is this ghost that I saw on The Discovery Channel’s October true haunting stories. A family moved into a house that used to be a morgue and a ghost of a cruel man who ran the place tormented the sons in the basement. They showed a reenactment of it, and the ghost’s eyes were completely black. I slept with lights on for over a week.

I have always been scared of alien monsters!! >.< But for some reason, I *LOVE* Star Wars… =o

It’s not really a monster, but I used to be scared of the doctors in the horror movies. I don’t think I was really scared of any monsters though since I grew up with Freddy Krueger, Jason, IT and all the like, I’m just used to them. ^^


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