“All for One & One for All” Worldwide Project

Image by Yumeki Angels

Happy! Project is proud to be promoting “ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL” Worldwide project! We will be joining together with other idol-style groups from around the world, in order to promote Japanese idol culture. Participating groups were selected based on experience, commitment as well as singing and dancing abilities. In order to coordinate such a large amount of groups, selections were limited to two groups per country. There are so many groups that we would have loved to ask to particpate, however space was very limited. We hope that there will be an opportunity to work with these groups in the future!

  In addition to that, we would like to promote with this project, a unity of different cultures, cooperation, friendship and a common goal. We would like to be an inspiration to overlook differences and instead focus on the similarities found in the love of music. Music is the universal language that can reach all cultures, all people and all ages. We hope that this will help spread the love of music and the message of peace.

We have added a page, which can be found in the top navigation bar, to be updated with news on this project. You will also find a list of participating groups and links to their websites. We hope you will pay them a visit, and continue supporting us as well as our new friends!


One Response to “All for One & One for All” Worldwide Project

  1. gemma says:

    What a great idea xD
    Hope it goes well!!

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