Happy!Project Pocket Weekly #2

It’s that time of week again! Pocket Weekly!! Remember, if you’d like to have your question featured on the blog be sure to send us an email at happyprojectlove@gmail.com, be sure to put in the subject “Pocket Weekly Question”, or something along those lines!

This week, the members answered the question:

What will you do over the winter break/holiday season?  

I’m going to enjoy the holidays with family and friends!! But this winter holiday I also have some things scheduled for Happy!Project that I need to work on, so I think I will still stay busy most of the holiday.

I’m going to relax, hang out lots with friends, finish reading breaking dawn and sew some in free time. I’ll also be busy with Happy! Project so im looking forward to those projects =D

Sleep! And try to catch up on reading and housework! I tend to let things go while I’m busy. >.<

I am going to stay and visit with my family in Oklahoma for several weeks. I miss them so much! I get to see my parents, my older brother, aunts, grandparents and all the kitties! I want to visit my friends in Oklahoma too; they are so much fun!

Laze around, chill and have fun, as well as trying to get our gear together >_O lol


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