Back from Izumicon!

Happy!Project would like to thank the staff and fans at Izumicon! We had so much fun, and we’re so happy because it was so successful!! Happy!Project performed Gachinko de Ikou, Crazy About You and Cinderella Complex! All the members worked so hard to make it a success!! We want to thank the crowd during the cosplay contest for cheering and supporting us through the entire show, you kept our energy and spirits high, you guys were SO awesome!!! We also really want to thank the staff at Izumicon for inviting us as guest and working with us so we could have a quick rehearsal and work with us during the show, we really appreciate all of your hard work.

Happy!Project is now going to begin working on their 2nd PV release, they will be working hard on recordings and photoshoots to release new material for you all. So please look forward to it!!!

Image by Skypirate

Image by Rodney

Image by Rodney

We will be getting up our new official site, very soon! So please keep checking for updates!! We are so happy because we finally have our own domain name. Check it out at

We’ll keep you updated on any news! So keep checking back.

Thank you all!!!


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