Request to Fans

Happy!Project has a favor to ask all the fans and readers, listeners or passer-by’s on the blog!

 Happy!Project will be recording a radio show monthly so we would like everyone to help us out on our question/answer segment! Any sort of question, advice on relationships/friendships, questions or opinions on Hello!Project or other idol groups in Japan. We’re open for all questions! If you’re lucky, your question will be featured on the radio show!!!

 Please sent all questions/comments/opinions to or at our myspace

Thank you guys!!!!

❤ Hapichan


2 Responses to Request to Fans

  1. Misa says:

    Whoa!! Is the radio show airing on a local station or something? *O* Or is it an online show?

    I wanna help!!!! I’ve always wanted to be on a radio show! XD

  2. gemma says:

    Sorry can’t think of any questions at the min, but if i do ill let you know ^^
    But awsome! Happy projects own radio show hehe xD can’t wait!

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