[official notice] To Member and Fans

Dear Members and Fans,

As some of you may know, we’ve had some recent problems with anonymous negative comments and behavioral issues with one of the members. It turns out that the comments were written by this member. Our computer crew found information that links those comments to the member via IP’s and account names. Those comments will not be disclosed for the privacy of H!P and the member.  Once confronted, they were denied even though there was substantial proof.  Aside from her comments, we had some behavioral problems via e-mail between the times the comments stated being posted Jan 07- Feb. 15. She was given the option of staying with us during a six month watched hiatus suspension. During this time, her behavior would be monitored and if she improved would be able to return and participate with the group. She not only failed to take steps to improve her behavior, she openly insulted a member and damaged the integrity of the group. These factors have forced Happy! Project to make a difficult decision. In order for our group to succeed in the future, we must have people of integrity and commitment in our group today. 

Therefore, it is with regret that we must inform you that we are terminating 2nd generation member Jennifer, effective February 27, 2008. We have tried our best to accommodate to her concerns and to try to keep her as a member of this group. But there is no room in the group for this type of behavior and because she neglected to take heed after her hiatus she is being terminated.

A copy of the group rule policy and transcripts of violations are in the group records. Only members are allowed to request to view these records. So if you would like to see the rules or violations, please let us know. Members are the only ones allowed to see these to protect the integrity of Happy! Project and of now ex-member Jennifer.

Happy! Project is a group, and as a group we are expected to depend on each other. If there is inner turmoil in the group, it is much easier to fall apart. Members I hope this is a lesson to everyone, if you have a problem with anything or anyone please let the leader know. Let’s try to resolve things in a professional manner. We try to accommodate for every member’s needs and concerns. We are lenient and very likely to give second chances. Yet, don’t misconstrue it as we let anything disruptive pass by because we will do what we feel it’s in the group’s best interest. So please, let’s all be mature adults and work together as a group to become the best we can be!

We are sorry to let Jennifer go, but we feel it’s the best action we can take at this point. We wish her luck on her future endeavors.

Melissa Shows & Kristy Valdez
Leader & Sub-leader

Happy! Project


One Response to [official notice] To Member and Fans

  1. gemma says:

    Oh well, you gave her all them chances and she blew it!
    You guys done the best thing 🙂

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