Happy!Project 2nd Generation Search



We’ve had a huge response in regards to our 2nd generation search! Kristy and I have been so surprised, in the past two weeks alone we’ve had 4 applications. We never expected this kind of response, and we’re thrilled to be able to have this opportunity to expand our group. We’re discussing how we’re going to choose members now, and a few have already been accepted.


January 1st, 2008, Happy!Project will announce the results of the second generation, as well as a new sub-unit and two new soloist!


Happy!Project is very excited for the year to come! Be sure to expect some great thing to come with Happy!Project!


Thank you for all of your support!!!





2 Responses to Happy!Project 2nd Generation Search

  1. whats the project is all about?

  2. happyproject says:

    We’re basically… like a pop group. Only a little more complicated. “Happy!Project “the group is like… an music agency. From there, it splits into groups, each one it’s own style, different members and so on. It’s based on the way that some pop group agencies run their groups in Japan.

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