Happy!Project History

Happy!Project was started in August 2006 by Melissa and Kristy. They united through a love of J-pop and especially Hello!Project, they both shared a dream of performing professionally and wanted to expand the knowledge and love of J-pop by performing. They began to recruit for members. June 2007 they debuted singing Suki na Senpai, through many challenges and difficulties they learned much and grew in leadership and interest. They felt even more sure of what they were doing. September 2007 they debuted with the group Behappy 『美ハーピ』(members: Kristy, Melissa and Heather) performed Halation Summer. Together, with their costumes and dancing as well as singing, they became better known and their publicity grew. They have met many friends and intend to continue working for their cause and hope to one day perform in Japan under the Hello!Project label.

 This blog will record their memories and dreams and hopefully looking back will be able to see our strength, publicity, knowledge, leadership grow through time and hard work.


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